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Assistant Coach Gaye Diadie has joined Texas United for the 2023 season

Texas United is thrilled to welcome Gaye Diadie to the organization as an assistant coach for the 2023 season.

Gaye was born in Paris, France on August 2nd, 1996. He became a box to box midfielder in France. He attended Evariste Galois High School in Paris and played for FC Versailles, winning a Division Championship.

He then moved to the United States for college, starting out at Illinois central college where he played for the first two seasons in the states. He then moved to Saginaw Valley State University where he played for fall of 2020, where he played 18 games. Following his stint in Michigan, he transferred to Georgia Southern where he Graduated from in 2021 – playing third most minutes on the team.

After his final year at Georgia Southern, Gaye became a graduate assistant coach and leading recruiter at Chicago state university. Coach DIadie is currently the graduate assistant coach and leading recruiter for the school, as well as the Interim first assistant since spring 2022.

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